[us_testimonial author=”IE University, Spain” company=”” el_class=”test-quotes”]This was the second tour IE University participated in with Campus Connect, and my first personally. Also, this was the first time I visited India myself so my thank you note is both professional and personal. On one hand professional because India can be such an overwhelming place when it comes to recruitment. There is so much potential but it is so spread out that you must know very clearly where to go, how to target each region and how to work your logistics properly. Campus Connect planned this wonderfully for IE University assisting us from the very beginning and always having the best interests for our institution in their decision-making processes. On the other hand personal because India is a place of wonders and of unexpected events. Campus Connect did a great balance between taking us to wonderful places and exploring the country and maintaining our well-being. The personal attention they have towards each participant is impressive and this made our experience richer. I look forward to meeting all of you again and to come back for some more Somosas! Thank you![/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial author=”Temple University, USA” company=”” el_class=”test-quotes”]This is my 3rd recruiting trip to India, but my 1st with Campus Connect. We will be staying with the Campus Connect group. They took care of all details related to our travel in India, gave us important insights into economic, cultural, and political situation in India, and treated us like one of their own family members. The high school visits were great and I know they will continue to strive for excellence in their future appointments with IB schools. After the tour, Campus Connect set up individual Skype meetings with all of us to give suggestions for follow-up needed to prospective students and counselors we met during our high school visits. I would highly recommend Campus Connect to anyone interested in recruiting in India. I hope to see you on the next Campus Connect Recruitment Tour.[/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial author=”University of California – Irvine, USA” company=”” el_class=”test-quotes”]I am so pleased to have participated in Campus Connect’s very first tour. The high-caliber schools we visited were among the best in India. We were not only able to gain access and insight into these schools and their staff, but also to interact with students who aligned well with our admissions criteria, were knowledgeable and eager to learn more about opportunities for study abroad, and who showed true promise. What made the tour unique was the emphasis on relationship-building with high school counselors. Campus Connect provided ample opportunity for us to communicate with counselors well beyond the standard quick introduction. We were actually able to engage in meaningful conversations with the very staff whose knowledge and expertise is both invaluable for own recruitment strategies and highly impactful on their students’ academic paths. This type of approach will help us to nurture long-term partnerships in India and keep us coming back to Campus Connect![/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial author=”Kings Education, USA” company=”” el_class=”test-quotes”]I have traveled to India before, but never have I felt so cared for, and the comprehensiveness of the schedule was very impressive, as we were able to accomplish so many amazing things in only two weeks. More specifically, we were astonishingly able to visit 22 international schools in these 11 working days, and each visit was carefully coordinated, with adequate transportation to and from the events always provided and the schools ready to receive us and conduct the fairs in a timely manner. As we covered multiple cities, I was also very impressed by we were able to successfully navigate a series of flights and airport drop-offs and pick-ups, as the Campus Connect team was always prepared. Additionally, the hotel accommodations were superb and comfortable, and our reservations were always well coordinated, so we were able to efficiently check-in upon arrival. As I have now returned back to the United States, I can see the results from our hard work, as I now have substantial connections with these great international schools. Work aside, you also showed me a side of India that I had never seen before, with both the social outings and especially the excursion to the precious Taj Mahal. Last but not least, and I really mean this, I feel as if I have returned home with new friends, and that to me is probably the most important thing because good work comes only as a result of great life experiences! Thanks again![/us_testimonial]
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