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Sonal Hariyaa

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Founder – EDU World
Temple University Alumnus

Binoy Mehta

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Founder – Binoy Mehta Advisory
Bentley University Alumnus



With over decades of experience in the international education space, the founders of Campus Connect have spent a significant amount of their careers catering to the unique needs of students, parents, high schools and universities from around the world. From assisting students to selecting institutions that are the “right fit” to helping international universities with their marketing initiatives in India, the founders’ one to one attention approach dwelled from their professional and overseas experience has facilitated universities and students achieve success no matter how distinctive their requirements.

With India’s rapid economic growth and access to quality education being a top priority, the education industry is facing a paradigm shift today. India’s burgeoning middle class increasingly aspires for a world class global education and international institutions are increasingly fighting in a crowded space along with those from other countries to market them more distinctively through initiatives that are less personal and less interactive.

Keeping this in mind, we launched Campus Connect with an aim to create an open global platform that lets students personally interact and engage with international institutions so as to enable them to enrol in schools that are the “right fit”. We are able to achieve this through customised high school tours with a focus on information exchange, branding and relationship building activities which leads to an increase in enrolment at the undergraduate level creating a sustainable footprint in the Indian market.


Mission Statement

To engage universities with their global undergraduate recruitment initiatives.


Vision Statement

We aim to align universities with their region specific recruitment objectives through a myriad of relevant resources and market focused activities.


Our values remind us of who we are and serve as a constant guiding map of our purpose



To be honest and sincere in all our dealings to all stakeholders


Whatever we do, we strive to do it the best


The element that drives us daily to achieve the extraordinary


Creating relationships that focus on building lasting value


Harnessing human capital through skill development and knowledge exchange


The habit of leadership that enables us to continuously help shape a better future through education

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