THE HUB – 2024

The HUB 2024 will be “Grounded”!

Well, we’re thrilled to announce our home ground – Mumbai as the location for our Annual Counsellor Focused Conference.

The HUB is the first of its kind Counsellor-University conference that allows Universities to directly connect with the counselors from leading international schools. Our 1:1 approach has been greatly loved and appreciated by both counselors and university officials. To us the HUB is special, it’s an experience driven conference that sheds light on engaging topics that directly impacts students. It allows all stakeholders to have a voice and opens a dialogue.

Enough Said! Hear it directly from our Counsellor and University Representatives.

We did it, yet again ! Your thoughtful gesture in ensuring that we all felt welcomed, valued and enriched is beyond words!
– Praseeja Nambiar, Stonehill International School

Campus Connect is sure to have a very special place in all my professional memories. Will remain ever so grateful to you all for making this event a lifetime experience through your affability and geniality, through your virtuosity , through your zeal and indefatigable care. Congratulations for a successful event!
– Asma Ansari, The Daly College

As always, Team CC rocked the show with impeccable arrangements, thought provoking conversations and plenty of memories + super cute personalized gifts! Thanks for making the experience better…every time.. Too many more
– Neharika Kataria, University of Windsor

Date: 24th – 26th April, 2024

Location: Mumbai
Participation: Limited to 25 Universities
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