Echo is a program led by industry experts to ensure your region specific recruitment success. Our global experience puts us in a unique position to echo your institution's brand to achieve a strong regional presence.

A Roadmap Engagement Plan is crafted to strategically guide market activities and outreach.

Echo provides regular monthly progress reports to the University, ensuring alignment with objectives and ongoing progress.

This collaborative approach offers access to high-level strategic input, allowing the University to leverage potential opportunities and focus on maximizing overall return on investment.

The position offers the flexibility of remote work, enabling us to conduct focused hiring.

Echo will furnish administrative support, including IT assistance, operational aid, budgetary support, and more.

The Echo Advantages

The Echo Advantages

High School Events, Yield Events, Agency Visits


Identify & Support Agencies, Academic Partnerships

Optimized Budget

Service fee versus Salaries & Benefits

Market Connect

Branding, On Time Region Relevant Support


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Perfomance Management

  • Formulate strategy and plan
  • Implement a standardized performance management framework with 6-month assessments
  • Provide monthly reporting on finances and functional progress
  • Conduct informal face-to-face monitoring

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  • Implementation of standard policies, such as travel guidelines
  • Cost Management through a preferred vendor panel
  • Employee-centric expense management process with three-month cycles

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  • Specialized recruitment and on-site HR teams
  • Provide a standard benefits package encompassing life, health and personal accident insurance
  • Implement an employee welfare program
  • Adhere to standardized employee policies, including leave and holidays

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