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Fall: 14th - 24th October, 2024

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Fall 2024: East Asia Fairs

Pro Tip

  • Our East Asia events are planned around the Kanto Plain Fair & The Regional IACAC at Jeju, South Korea

Why Recruit in East Asia

East Asia is home to some of the most developed countries in the world. Highly advanced in education and technology, international education options are more looked at as an exposure and cultural exposure perspective. Language can be a barrier when navigating even the most developed cities and our team brings in the required operational experience to choose the right schools and hotels to make your recruitment experience seamless.

About the Region


The land of the rising sun is amongst the most developed countries in the world. Cities such as Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto boast of a large number of international schools with a large volume of students looking at pursuing an international education. As we navigate through these incredible cities, our team is deeply connected with the counsellor community in the region which includes the right A Level, American Curriculum and IBDP High Schools.

South Korea

K-Culture, K-Dramas, K-Foods and K-Pop… We get to see them everywhere now, but the power of South Korea is not limited to these industries. Recruiting students from South Korea offers universities abroad numerous advantages while South Korean students enrich educational environments with divers cultural insights, fostering cross-cultural understanding. South Korea places a strong emphasis on education, leading to a high proportion of academically motivated students who seek quality education opportunities beyond their home country. From Seoul to its surrounding cities and other major cities such as Busan, Daegu, Daejeon and the beautiful Jeju Island host a significant number of international schools catering to secondary education. These schools offer various international curricula such as the International Baccalaureate (IB), American Curriculum (AP/IB), British Curriculum (IGCSE/A-Levels), and others, providing options for expatriate families and local students seeking international education.


The world’s leading microchip supplier. Chances are, there is something “Made-In-Taiwan” in an electronic item you own. With over 15 IB Schools, this tiny island nation presents the right opportunity for international universities to seek collaborations and build a lasting brand in the region. A staggering 95% of local highschool students pursue college while both International as well as local students are seeking to pursue an international education at the undergraduate level.


With a staggering 46 IB Schools, Hong Kong is a true international city. A city of immense global importance, Hong Kong has access to strong academic opportunities. Not only does the city house some of South East Asia’s best Universities, it has also become an ideal location for international universities to set up regional campuses. While on a Campus Connect tour, you will get a chance to attract international and domestic students to your campus.