Recruit & Meet Students from

India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh

Fall & Spring

2024 & 2025

Fall: 2nd - 25th September, 2024​
Spring: January & April, 2025

Region Specific Experience

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Fall 2024: South Asia Fairs

Spring 2025: South Asia Fairs

Pro Tip

  • Fair Inclusions: Highschool Fairs, Counsellor Meetings, Ground Transportation & Wrap Up Report
  • Want to include Flights and Hotels? We’ll be happy to book the same for you
  • Regional HUB Information is explained in detail in the HUB-Section of the document. There is
    no extra charge applicable to join our Regional HUB!
  • Our South Asia events are planned around the Regional IACAC Conference being hosted at
    the Sri Ram School in India – Be sure to seek more information on the same!
  • Seek our guidance on planning Yield Events for Spring 2025!
  • Looking at In-Country Representation? Ask us about Echo.

Why Recruit in South Asia

It’s no news that the Indian Subcontinent is a priority recruitment region. The past three decades have been transformational leading to rapid growth, both in terms of population and the collective economy of the region. Pursuing a world class education is the result of aspiration, opportunities as well as a lack of quality institutions depending on the specific recruitment region. Boasting of over 50+ languages, sub-cultures and religions, South Asia with Campus Connect should be on the top of your recruitment agenda.

About the Region


Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3? The conversation in India is beyond the popular metro regions. Having executed several hundred highschool fairs, in the past 10 years, we’ve seen the schools grow as much as the student population. With over 200 IB schools in India, there is a growing demand for undergraduate programs and the percentage of the pie is slowly yet steadily growing in the favour of undergraduate education. Be it the residential school belt or the metro cities, our offerings range from high school fairs, yield events and the HUB, our Counsellor focused conference. Successfully travel through the world’s youngest democracy, a place we proudly call home!


Bangladesh’s capital city Dhaka presents significant potential for global universities seeking to recruit international students for higher education opportunities abroad. Bangladesh’s economy has been experiencing rapid growth in recent years, leading to an expanding middle class with increasing disposable income. As a result, more families in Dhaka are able to afford the costs associated with international education for their children with a strong demand for Quality education.

Sri Lanka

The island nation is an important pit-stop on your recruitment trip. Colombo specifically houses important embassy and international schools with several domestic and expat students looking to pursue their education abroad.


The himalayan kingdom has limited international schools. Outbound Nepalese students tend to consider India to pursue their higher education while the IB and embassy managed schools have aspirational candidates looking to pursue a top quality education. Scholarships are frequently requested and schools are very open to working on individual school-university partnerships to build out knowledge exchange and scholarship programs. Nepalese students can serve as global ambassadors for your institution and do exceptionally well. Campus Connect tends to visit Kathmandu each Fall and also conducts year round virtual events in the region.